A 360-degree approach is necessary for Healthy Lifestyle – says Doctor Integralist

An Interview with Doctor Integralist Dr Biprajit Parbat.

It was good to talk to Dr. Biprajit Parbat, who has been practicing in India for the last 15+ years as a medical doctor and cardiology practitioner. He has vast experience in the field of preventive medical science. He believes enhancing physical & mental health is the need of the hour to prevent diseases and the complications.

You call yourself Doctor Integralist and you believe an integral approach to disease prevention is the need of the hour. You also told us that for high performance, productivity and happiness how important it is to maintain a state of complete physical and mental wellbeing.


Doctor integralist is a qualified medical professional who takes an integral approach to transform & upgrade your lifestyle both physical and mental to a state of complete wellbeing.

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Whether you want to prevent disease or you want to prevent the complications of disease – you need to upgrade your lifestyle that has originally caused the disease.

The direct cost of prevention is way cheaper than the treatment of disease and its complications, even if I do not consider the productivity loss in your career & business that you incur when you have the disease and afterwards.

The act of prevention needs an integral approach that involves a 360-degree assessment and improvement of the lifestyle of a person. It helps him fit his million-year-old natural evolution to modern life style.

The holistic approach brings out the best productive and creative self.

I love this journey of Doctor Integralist that brings meaningful change in people’s lives.

You said 360-degree approach – can you explain?

There are personal & professional factors for your overall heath. Your choice of food, your scope & requirement of exercise, your scope of sleep and your requirements of stress management are determined by both your personal & professional factors.

Personal factors are your daily routine, taste preferences for food, habits, beliefs and focus.

Professional factors are work schedule, type of job, place & movement for the job.

Apart from the personal life, a person’s profession controls more than one third of his daily activity and timing. Sometimes the timing of the office may be at night, sometimes the work pressure is at the peak and sometimes the job involves a lot of travelling. Sometimes it requires you to sit for hours on your chair and sometimes it’s just constant stress of talking, negotiation, rejection and so on.

Our job controls a significant part of our lifestyle and contributes a significant amount of physical & mental stress. Many a times people take the help of addictions as a part of their coping strategy. This is not sustainable as far as their health is concerned.

Lifestyle means a complete assessment of one’s personal & professional requirement of physical & mental health. Then, formulate a health strategy that helps people to cope best with their personal & professional demands in a natural way. Evidence based scientific & medical knowledge is used to formulate the strategy. Then the person will be trained and given step by step guidance to apply the same. A six months of complete and multiple one on one sessions will be provided to transform his/her life completely. The person will become physically fit, mentally resilient, more productive, happy & creative. It is a journey to become your best self physically & mentally in your own way.

I have heard that you are going to publish a book on this integral approach to disease prevention based on this integral approach very soon?

Yes, I am. This will be a simple word of guidance on how you can lead a healthy life by managing the four pillars of health – food, exercise, sleep and stress management. The name of the book is “Doctor Integralist’s Prescription to Healthy Living”. It will be published in the middle of April 2021 for the benefit of humanity.

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