Key Legal: Legal Technology Start-Up

Key Legal is a new legal technology company that offers a platform connecting clients with business law lawyers in Ontario, Canada for one low cost.  There are no hidden fees, no obligation and appointments can be booked easily online.

Business law lawyers can assist with many different matters depending on the stage of the business life cycle.  If an individual is looking to incorporate an Ontario corporation, a business lawyer can assist with finding a business name, getting a NUANS report, creating articles of incorporation and drafting a shareholder’s agreement.  Before incorporating, business lawyers can also explain the differences between sole proprietorship, partnership and corporations in terms of limiting liability as well as tax implications.  Consulting a lawyer can be a huge money saver in the long run.

If your business is in the growth stage, a business lawyer can also assist with everything from zoning compliance, copyright and trademark advice, advising on venture capital as well as preventing or dealing with lawsuits and litigation.  Booking an appointment using the Key Legal platform can connect clients to business law lawyers to get legal advice on many corporate law matters, all from the comfort of one’s home or office.  Assistance is also available in related areas of law such as employment law and real estate law. 

Consulting a lawyer can also provide you with a useful and confidential sounding board.  Business owners can discuss tricky concerns before they become larger problems and lawyers can help owners make solid decisions when it comes to opening, running or selling a business.  Corporate lawyers have dealt with many different businesses and know what works and what doesn’t, and can even help parties reach agreement on contentious issues.  If you already have a course of action in mind, speak to a business lawyer to get an opinion on whether there could be unexpected bumps on the road.  It is a small price to pay to prevent more expensive problems in the long-run.

If you’re looking for more information on business lawyers in Ontario, Key Legal can help.  From Toronto to Ottawa, Kingston to Windsor, virtual law consultations take place online or through telephone, so you can get legal services no matter where in the province you reside.  Find out why virtual law is the way of the future by using Key Legal, Canada’s new online platform connecting clients with lawyers.

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