How to choose the right SUP Paddle for your board

Water sports are enjoying enormous popularity in this country, but also around the around the world. This also includes also Stand-Up-Paddling. But few know that there are a number of variants within the SUP paddle.

For example, the Stand Up Paddle, which now comes in different sizes and shapes. Stand Up Paddling is clearly on the rise and once you get excited about the whole thing, you will also need the right equipment.

There are differences, for example, within the shaft lengths. The SUP paddles are available in one piece, but also two and three-piece models are available. However, before you want to buy a SUP paddle, you should first deal with the important purchase factors.

These are the aspects you need to consider before buying SUP paddles

Quality is a very crucial aspect, but there are several other buying factors that you need to consider. Among them, for example, is the structure. So you have to decide for yourself how many parts the paddle should consist of.

The modern products are adjustable in length and can be adjusted within a range of 180 cm to 220 cm – to suit your size and needs. Visually, you can also choose, because there are models that are narrower or wider cut.

The material is also an important aspect, because there are paddles made of carbon or aluminum. Which solution is most suitable for you, you have to find out for yourself at the end of the day. Many water sports enthusiasts use 3-piece SUP paddles. Other gear to consider is a good pair of neoprene shoes and a life jacket.

Find a SUP that fits your needs

Ultimately, when buying a SUP paddle, you need to make sure that you find a model that fits your needs. The features are important, but you also need to pay attention to factors like handling. In any case, choose robust materials, because this gives you more robustness.

If you have ordered the right paddles, you can already plan the next vacation and see to which country you would like to travel. Anyway, the situation looks like SUP trips are becoming more and more popular. There are enough spots and countries with great resorts where you can spend a fantastic time.

For example, how about a relaxing vacation in Croatia. There you can use the SUP paddles, dive and enjoy a terrific rest in the middle of the sun. But other countries are also enjoying growing popularity. That’s what we’re going to talk about in a little more detail now.

These spots are also worthwhile for a SUP paddle vacation

Away from Croatia, there are a number of other spots that are worthwhile and perfect for a SUP trip. For example, if you like it a bit more curious, you should take your SUP paddles and travel to North Korea. There are some spots there where you can gain new knowledge.

Otherwise you can travel to the Caribbean and paddle there under great conditions. Also Spain or especially Mallorca are almost perfect and offer the possibility to relax absolutely.

Other recommended destinations are in San Pietro, Greece or also in Germany. Here it is just Lake Garda, which is perfect for a varied vacation.

There are also all-inclusive trips that you can join. There are plenty of opportunities there to paddle and have a wonderful time. But also on a family vacation you can use your equipment and enjoy the closeness to the water.

Have you already made experiences with SUP paddles? Which variant do you like?

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