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The post-Covid-19: investing in real estate in 2021, a good idea?

Yes! Because the health crisis has serious consequences on many economic sectors, the real estate market, meanwhile, promises to be more spared. It should continue to offer secure investment opportunities to its investors.

Interest rates are still low at the start of the year, and prices which should rise again at the end of the year

Admittedly, the weeks of confinement have temporarily slowed down real estate transactions… But not the desire to invest of the French who were numerous to take advantage of this period to develop or refine their real estate projects for 2021, for rent as well as for purchase. Particularly with a view to changing the living environment in favor of a quieter environment, a more comfortable interior surface, and access to the outdoors, even if it means moving away from the city a little.

This dynamic has already enabled market prices to hold up despite the crisis. Prices that even seem to promise to experience a significant rise at the end of the second half of 2020 according to the Notaries of the USA. Whether you want to buy a home to live there or to make a rental investment, it is, therefore, time to finalize your project, especially since the interest rates are still very competitive: helped by the provisions of the global Bank, whose emergency asset purchases made it possible to lower interest rates, at the beginning of June 2020 banks offered rates of around 1.20% to 1.80% depending on the duration (from 10 to 25 years).

Casey Ryan Richards – Rental Investment, a Safe haven that will Continue in 2021

According to Mr. Richards, while business failures are numerous and even the largest of them bear the brunt of the effects of the pandemic, real estate investment offers all the more security compared to financial investments.

What are the reasons for investing in real estate?

If you are looking for a profitable and secure investment to build up your assets and ensure your future and that of your loved ones, real estate investment appears to be the most suitable solution. Here are 3 good reasons by Casey Ryan Richards to get started!

1. Real Estate: To Benefit from a Safe and Profitable Investment

The profitability of real estate transactions also benefits from numerous tax exemption systems.

In January 2021, borrowing rates continued to decline, depending on the repayment term chosen. “The opportunity for all investors, whatever their socio-professional category, to apply for a loan to acquire real estate” suggested Casey Ryan.

Casey Ryan Richards

2. Real estate Investment: To Optimize the Budget Allocated to Your Main Residence

By investing in real estate, you can choose to own your home. The amount of money you spend every month on housing is thus allocated to creating or increasing your wealth.

Note also that the total abolition of the housing tax will also reduce the final bill.

Another advantage of investing in real estate to become an owner: you have total control of your home. You undertake the work you want, you resell when you want and you are no longer subject to the vagaries of the rental lease, such as vacation.

3. Invest in Real Estate to Calmly Prepare for Your Retirement

Retirement generally goes hand in hand with a drop in income, on average around 25%. At the same time, daily expenses are increasing, especially those related to health costs.

Real estate investment is therefore ideal for giving a boost to a child who is starting out in working life, or to ascendants enjoying a modest retirement. For more info regarding real estate investment contact Casey Ryan Richards a real estate investor who is focused on rebuilding the city through partnerships with other investors.

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