Eric Azoian- Real Estate Tips for Buyers and Sellers

One of the best ways to attract buyers and sellers for real estate according to Eric Azoian is through Facebook ads, even if your budget is tight. There is definitely no other marketing that meets the characteristics of Facebook. It’s affordable, local, visual, builds trust, and finds the right audience.

In this sense, Eric will offer you some tips to find your buyers and sellers in this popular social network.

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Build a Compelling Facebook Page

First of all, you should create a Facebook page for your business, not a personal page. Creating it is very simple, you must click on the “Create” button in the upper right corner of your Facebook and the menu that will allow you to create your page will be displayed.

Clicking on create page will offer you the option to choose a category. You must choose “A business or a brand.” Then complete the information they request, the category of the business and the address. The inclusion of the telephone is optional, however it is advisable to place it.

You already have your page, now you only need to complete the information. Post a profile photo of yourself related to your profession as a real estate agent. You will also require a cover photo. A good option will be to use the logo of the brand of the company you work for, in this way visitors will know immediately which company you are related to.

Get «Like» on the Page

With your full page, you must get followers. Begin to establish relationships with other real estate agents or people related to the real estate area. According to Eric Azoian Connecting with your peers will cause Facebook to add you to its algorithms that suggest pages to users based on the pages they interact with.

You can also advertise your new page on your personal profile, sharing it on your feed and including it in your bio. Another option is to promote your page on your website. Place a “like” button on your website so visitors can connect to your Facebook page without leaving the web.

Remember that the content you post on your new Facebook page will earn you “likes” and will give you the credibility you are looking for.

Put up lots of pictures of yourself. You are the face of your business and the client must know you, so it is appropriate to establish familiarity with your face. Your photos should look professional, they will help you establish your brand.

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Run Video Campaigns

Your followers have increased, you have gained a lot of likes, now you need really compelling ads. Facebook uses pay-per-click marketing, so you’ll need to start paying for banner ads.

First, you must set a goal for your campaign as Azoian do. Facebook offers four types of campaigns.

  1. Brand awareness
  2. Traffic
  3. Lead generation
  4. Conversions

A first option is to publicize your brand since it will allow you to promote your page to a wider audience and interact with a large number of people. Eric Azoian says,this type of campaign is ideal for those who start on Facebook since the brand’s exposure is very high.

Recent studies affirm that video content currently leads the way on this social network, indicating that videos increase the likelihood of purchase. It is also a much more attractive option. It is advisable to create videos with subtitles, they do not require sound, they should be short and stimulate a sense of urgency (I want it now).

Finally, establish your target audience. Ideally, you would establish a target audience similar to your current customers, targeting demographics, interests, and behaviors.

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