Stefan Pardi – How To Make The Iconic Di Stefano Cold Brew

Stefan Pardi - Hario Cold Brew Pot

Stefan Pardi at Di Stefano proudly provides responsible, ethical and sustainable products to coffee drinkers. Their coffee beans are fairtrade, recyclable goods designed to curtail the effect a product has on the environment, people’s health and well being.

Such an approach to business is probably the reason for their exquisitely fresh taste, whether it is coffee, chai or cacao. However, amongst a wide range of their beverages, cold brew remains the most popular drink.

Before getting into the details of this utterly simple recipe, consider purchasing Di Stefano Specialty Coffee Beans, you will not regret giving these amazing blends a chance.

Start by Making Your Concentrated Coffee

If you’ve never made concentrated coffee before, please do not fear the sound of it. Despite sounding like a hundred-step recipe, it is incredibly easy to make.

Ingredients you’d need:

  1. Your Coffee Ground
  2. Cold Water

Concentrated coffee is much thicker and bolder than the regular one. To achieve this, simply grind your coffee beans to a relatively coarse grind and pour cold water over the grounds to leave overnight. This method is going to really unlock the delicious natural flavours within, making them taste deeper and more potent.

In the morning, drain the grounds and keep the concentrated liquid that’s poured off. Apply the 2:1 ratio, where you could use, for instance, 12 oz of coffee ground with only 6 oz of cold water. Know more iconic cold brew making tips with Stefan Pardi.

Stefan Pardi - Cold Brew

The Next Step: Make Your Coffee Syrup

Place 2 cups of strong coffee in a saucepan, with half a cup of sugar and a half teaspoon of vanilla extract and heat. Keep in mind that you would have to stir the entire time until the sugar has dissolved completely.

Your concentrated coffee syrup is now done!

Finally make the Cold Brew

According to Stefen Pardi The final step is simply combining your delicious, concentrated coffee with the dazzling coffee syrup. Give it a good mix before adding ice and water to dilute just to your liking.

The ice is meant to melt and help dilute your coffee, consider that before adding too much water!

The Tips to Success

  1. Make sure your Beans are Coarsely Ground: Finely ground coffee beans can over-infuse your coffee, making the brew muddy and unpleasant. It is best if the beans are rougher, almost resembling a cornmeal texture.
  1. Use Filtered Water: If possible, use filtered water for a cleaner, sweeter flavour.
  1. Steep for at Least 12 hours: The coffee needs this full time to fully infuse the water. Straining too early will make the coffee taste weak while infusing for too long could result in the brew extracting bitterness. Don’t steep for more than 15 hours. 
  1. Consider Making Coffee Ice Cubes: If you are looking for a complete undiluted coffee experience. Make coffee ice cubes, simply by freezing your cold brew overnight in an ice tray.

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