NYC Pop Artist Marko Stout is Releasing NFTs this Spring

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The artist and filmmaker Marko Stout who many in the media have been calling “the next Andy Warhol” has recently announced he will be releasing a series of NFTs called, “Hearts, Love and Lust” early this spring. This is an exciting opportunity for the average collector to purchase an affordable work by the famed artist. In a recently posted YouTube video Shark Tank Kevin O’Leary said, “”Marko Stout is Fantastic! I’m a Fan!”

Do you want to own an artwork by the same artist your favorite celebrity collects? Now is your chance with Marko Stout NFTs. The artist’s many fans include celebrities such as Billie Eilish, Kim Kardashian, Melissa Etheridge, Charlie Sheen, RuPaul, Snoop Dogg and others.

Marko Stout emerges from a colorful pop style and stands as one of New York hottest artist. He has reached the zenith of the artworld with numerous international exhibitions at prestigious galleries and art museums.  According to well-known Art Dealer Lindsey Cohen, the persona of Marko Stout is colorful, bold, and playful.”  Moreover, Marko Stout has made his popularity for having a sublime indifferent attractive demeanor with different and stimulating narratives of present-day city society.

The works of Marko Stout has been featured in many solo exhibitions, the most resent of which is his sold-out show at the popular Brooklyn Gallery. The exhibition drew huge crowds with most works selling for tens of thousands of dollars. This cost may be out for the price range for your average collector; however, Stout is now collaborating with OpenSea to offer a series of NFT early this spring, giving a lucky few the chance to purchase an original Marko Stout digital print.

The NFTs are scheduled to drop early this spring and will likely sellout within the first few minutes of offering, so we recommend interested buyers visit as soon as the NTFs go on sale. It is also unknow if the artist plans to offer more NFTs in the future of if this is a one-off type of offer. Either why this is an exciting opportunity to invest in work by New York’s hottest artist.

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