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The market for window joinery is still developing rapidly. Experts observe steady growth in the export of European windows joinery to the NA market. Along with the development of construction technology, the individual structural and finishing elements are also being improved. 

Investors choose proven solutions that meet the needs of modern users. DAKO understands it very well and provides its worldwide customer base with exactly such products – modern and at the same time functional and reliable. 

European Leader in premium joinery.

DAKO is a Polish manufacturer of high-quality joinery. The company has been continuously operating in the market for almost 30 years. There are no signs of a slowdown in its development. In DAKO’s offer, you can find windows and doors, garage and patio doors, mosquito nets, and external roller shutters. The manufacturer offers a wide selection of framing materials and sizes of glazing. Investors of both large commercial projects and smaller single-family houses will find the most suitable option in the company’s offer. DAKO has completed many ambitious projects, which prove the versatility of its products. A long list of certificates, including NFRC, AAMA, and PHIUS certifications for the US and Canadian markets, is a confirmation of the quality of products and the standards they meet. 

Brand development – building business relations. 

The brand is primarily focused on development, both market, and product-wise. DAKO is already reaching globally. Their products can be found in Asia, Africa, the USA, and all of Europe. As the construction industry continues to grow, so does the customer base.

Much of the brand’s success in the foreign markets owes to the broad network of business partners, who enable efficient distribution of products. DAKO appreciates the cooperation with local distributors and places great importance on building transparent business relationships based on mutual trust. The company provides new partners with all the necessary materials and know-how, thanks to the training carried out by the professional team. It is a proven model that brings benefits to both parties. 

A key to successful market expansion. 

How to successfully reach new customers and markets? The answer is very simple – listen to your customers. If you remain open to their input, you will be able to provide them with a perfect outcome. The success is a result of the continuous technological development of the company as well as simple and proven solutions that meet the needs of customers in various markets. DAKO brings innovative products which are not only modern but also durable and reliable. The company has a set of values that they strictly adhere to from the design stage up to the finishing and packaging stage. The products are to ensure customers’ safety and comfort.  

Despite the advanced technological methods used in the products, they are characterized by aesthetic simplicity. All products are in line with modern trends in joinery and at the same time have a universal character – so that everyone can find a satisfactory solution. High-quality materials used in the manufacture of window and door joinery extend the lifespan of the products by many years. It is the quality of workmanship that further guarantees the success of the company. It also makes customers come back years later – because they trust the brand.

Welcome to Canada.

 As mentioned above, the company managed to conquer many markets on almost all continents. In connection with the dynamic development of the brand, the decision was made to start distributing also in the Canadian market. DAKO can be denied neither ambition nor persistence in achieving its goals. The conquest of the Canadian market seems to be only a matter of time. The company is equipped with a very strong asset in its arsenal, which is a combination of professionalism and high-quality products – values that consumers appreciate the most. 

The positive reception of the Polish manufacturer’s offer in Canada may also be influenced by the emphasis on the energy-saving qualities of DAKO joinery. There is a growing number of conscious consumers who pay attention to environmental issue of manufacturing. They are also more likely to choose products that will contribute to a positive impact on the environment. DAKO directly engages in socially responsible development. Their products represent the highest standards of European joinery and European doors, whose popularity is still growing in the North American market for a reason. The products are resistant to the demanding regional climate conditions thanks to the increased durability class. In result they stand the test of time. Moreover, they offer high energy efficiency parameters. It is an ideal choice for consumers looking for a balance between sustainability and the comfort of living.

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