Steven Thomas Brewer: A Businessman, Home Builder & Land Developer

According to sources in the White House, Dallas Businessman, a Home builder and Land developer, Steven Thomas Brewer from Dallas Texas was invited to have a sit down with a representative from the Biden administration to discuss the topic on how the “Build Back Better” agenda can help minority construction companies nationwide to fully participate in the “Build Back Better” efforts. The White House concedes that there has to be a higher rate of participation of minority companies in order for there to be the lasting financial impact, which is intended with this new bill within the minority communities.

Steven Thomas Brewer  was tasked with providing the Biden administration with a synopsis on how the administration can make it more convenient for these minority companies to participate in the infrastructure agenda. Mr. Brewer is also tasked with outlining how to integrate more black and brown people of colour coming out of prisons into the construction work force since there is a significant shortage in the labour force and create training both in and out of prison that could greatly impact putting these people back to work.  Recent reports have highlighted the need for more support for the minority communities in the area of economic growth.  Far too many people of colour are being left out of the process for securing contracts for state and federal construction projects. A lot of this practice is due to the high incarceration rate among people of colour.  The high conviction rate cripples the thinking of many of these individuals because they feel that they don’t qualify or it’s not possible to reach such business status to quality. 

Mr. Steven Thomas Brewer will highlight the need to educate the masses on the damage done to these communities if the thought process of second chances in society are not perceived as real or available to them. The government will have to assume the roll in this education process, or create a very serious campaign among the private and community based organisations.

Mr. Steven Brewer was asked how to incorporate the use of pell grants, free schooling, on the job training, and other programs offered by the federal government in his synopsis. The Biden administration is very aware that these programs need to be readily  available to as many qualified people as possible. Brewer is hoping that this meeting will be based on real substance that will create change. He is not looking for some photo op or score political points. He is very clear he does not get involved in the political affairs, but he will provide the needed information to affect change “If at possible”.

This meeting is set to take place summer of 2022.

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