How to Start Your Day with Meditation


In this article of Art of Living Foundation, you will learn about a simple method for meditating. Here Art of Living Foundation applies the general principles of mindfulness meditation. It is the best known and practiced. Its practice and its benefits are of interest to experienced meditators as well as to scientists, managers, parents, and beginners of course!

Here are a few points on how to practice mindfulness meditation:

The Position

You can opt for the tailor position or the lotus position. In both cases, sit on a mat (to protect your feet and ankles). Sit on a small cushion. There are two types of lotus position:

the half-lotus: legs crossed, left foot against the perineum, a right foot above the calf or even the thigh

the whole lotus: legs crossed, the left foot on the right thigh and the right foot on the left thigh. This position is often difficult to hold if you are not used to it, so do not insist if you are uncomfortable.

But if you don’t like the lotus position, you can totally choose the sitting position. There is nothing wrong with that. On the contrary, many meditation experts recommend it as a starting point and we completely agree with this opinion.

In this case, sit down on a chair or sofa with your back straight and your feet flat on the floor. Legs against each other. Hands resting on knees. The back should not rest against the backrest, but stay straight.

It is not recommended to practice mindfulness meditation lying down, as it promotes sleep.


It is important during meditation to find the right balance for your body. This balance of the body will promote balance of the mind.

So you should be relaxed, but not too relaxed. Your back should stay straight, not slouching during the meditation. However, you don’t have to stay tense and contracted throughout the exercise to stay upright. Extend the column, find the right angle of the back that will allow you to stay straight without too much effort. Hold this position, and relax the rest of the body.

Eyes Closed Or Open

According to the Art of Living Foundation, the most common is to practice meditation with your eyes closed. But some experts, like Fabrice Midal, recommend meditating with your eyes open.

In this case, like the statues of Buddha, have your eyes half-open. Let your gaze focus on a point in front of you on the floor. Don’t look around. Just let your gaze rest.

Try it with your eyes closed and your eyes open and just choose what you prefer.

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After That? What Do I Do?

Contrary to many popular beliefs, meditation is not about not thinking about anything.

Mindfulness meditation involves keeping your attention in the present moment and observing weak signals around you. So you shouldn’t try to empty your mind. But rather let pass the thoughts, the sensations, the feelings, without dwelling on them.

Set A Schedule With Art Of Living Foundation

Set yourself a daily schedule, or better combine mindfulness meditation before or after another activity that you practice every day such as brushing your teeth, taking a shower… learn more with the Art of Living Foundation which is home to an array of well-being programs and humanitarian initiatives. Also find genuine, real testimonials on the Art of Living Foundation page.

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