Are the Art of Living Courses really worth the investment?

Art of Living Foundation

Ever since I took SKY Breath Meditation, people have asked me was it worth it? I almost don’t know how to answer this question. The Art of Living courses have been so worth the investment that it almost seems like a trick question!

Like asking was smiling worth it, or was laughing with my best friend worth it.

I know it can be overwhelming to know what’s legit and what’s not. There are so many people out there promising miraculous results, and a lot of it sounds very foreign and hard to understand.

I did so much research before joining the courses.

And it turns out I’m not the only one!

Universities like Yale and the University of Arizona were also doing research on SKY Breath Meditation, the technique taught by the Art of Living Foundation ! And it turns out we came to some interesting findings—that the Art of Living courses, in this case specifically SKY Breath Meditation, were not only worth it, but also even outperformed similar meditation/mindfulness-based techniques.

There are many benefits! SKY has been found to reduce both clinical and non-clinical anxiety and depression, as well as reducing stress and even PTSD.

On the physical side it reduces blood pressure, can massively help with migraines and sleep quality. And on the emotional level it helps you to just feel happy. To be ok whatever happens and to increase feelings of wellbeing.

Art of Living Foundation

The breath is an incredibly powerful but underused tool when it comes to happiness.

Art of Living Foundation describes Denise, who no longer suffers from chronic and debilitating migraines. I’d say that’s worth it!

Or Annette, who thanks to her SKY practice has more focus and attention for her son, and is “an all around better mom and wife” since taking the course.

If you’re wondering if it’s worth it, I’d ask yourself what it would mean to your life if that thing you’re struggling with was no longer an issue.

Maybe it’s stress, or anxiety or depression. You’re always on edge and just don’t feel like yourself. Maybe you’re working with trauma and PTSD. Or more physical conditions like high-blood pressure, migraines, or trouble sleeping.

What would it mean to you to no longer have this problem?

Maybe there would be concrete benefits. Less sick days so you’d be able to earn more money. Or maybe reduced visits to the doctor that would save a lot of money.

Or perhaps it’s something more intangible, like improved time with your children, a better relationship with your spouse, not feeling stressed from the moment you wake up. 

So was it worth it?

Yes, Art of Living Review a thousand times yes. It’s hard to put a price on peace, happiness, and health, they’d fall into the “priceless” category!

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